David Dean Mendoza

Composer / Performer / Music Educator


  • YouTube Channel
    I am in the process of putting all of my music and sheet music on YouTube.  

  • 2018 SCI National Conference
My composition for voice and open ensemble Prelude, Illusion, and Magic, composed at the Banff Centre was performed at this year's national conference in Tacoma, Washington.

  • FIU Alumni Composers Concert
    I performed my new electroacoustic piece Ektara at this year's New Music Miami Festival. 

  • Ball State Concert
    The Electronic Music Ensemble at Ball State University performed my Three Melancholic Improvisations.  

  • New World School of the Arts Faculty Concert
    My Elegy for solo violin was performed with winter on a faculty concert.  


  • ASU Performances
    Arizona State University's Contemporary Percussion Ensemble performed my Sextet for percussion twice is past fall.    

  • 2017 CCRMA Summer Course - Electronic Arts Ensemble
    I have so much fun working as an ensemble at CCRMA!  I composed and performed a new piece entitled Ektara with the great John Chowning in the audience.  

  • 2017 New York City Electroacoustic Festival
    Dissolution No. 4 for fixed media was selected for this year's festival

  • Miami-Dade College New World School of the Arts

    Jan. 2017 I am happy to announce I will be joining the faculty of New World School of the Arts as an adjunct professor of music teaching theory to college and high school students.

  • Jason Calloway Performs Nocturne for solo cello

As apart of the New Music Miami Festival, Nocturne for solo cello will have its second performance in FIU's Miami Beach Urban Studios.


  • Forward Motion and New Music Indy

11/13/16  I'm so grateful to have the amazing Maya Nojiri Sutherland premiere my new work for solo cello.

  • Atlas Lab 2016

08/27/16-09/04/16 I will be returning to Amsterdam to work with the Atlas Ensemble with a reading session of my new work Axis Mundi for winds, zithers, percussion, and strings.

  • CCRMA - Audio Plug-ins Designed with Faust

07/04/16-07/08/16 I finally got to learn Faust at the 2016 CCRMA Summer Workshop.  I can design plug-ins now!  I also am trying to learn Chuck and also keep up my Supercollider skills.   

  • Compositum Musicae Novae - Electric Event

05/27/16 Incantation for tenor viola da gamba has been selected for performance by Compositum Musicae Novae for its Electric Event at the Coral Gables Museum.    

  • SCI Region VI Conference 

02/11/16-02/13/16  Sextet for amplified percussion has been selected.  The percussion ensemble of Friends University did a great job.


  • Central Michigan University selects Prelude, Illusion, and Magic

12/12/15  The new music ensemble of CMU performed an open-ensemble version of Prelude, Illusion, and Magic.  Nathan Kistler's singing was free and expressive.  

  • Sextet for percussion selected by Reinhardt University Percussion Ensemble 

11/10/15  Sextet for amplified percussion using everyday objects had its premiere performance in Waleska, GA. (more)  

  • Doctoral Dissertation: Axis Mundi, An Intercultural Composition for the Atlas Ensemble

10/16/15  I have completed of my doctoral dissertation which discusses the sociocultural and political implications of writing music for instruments outside one's own musical tradition. 

  • Drift selected for the 2015 New York City Electroacoustic Festival

06/23/15  I performed Drift at this year's festival in NYC. (more)  

  • Daphnee Sincennes performs Séance for Doctoral Recital

05/26/15 Daphnee Sincennes performed Séance as part of her doctoral recital at the Université de Montréal. (more

  • Collaboration with Pneuma Ensemble

03/27/15 During the World Music Residency at the Banff Centre, I collaborated with the Pneuma Ensemble in the composition of Prelude, Illusion, and Magic for voice, gittern, and vielle. (more)

  • Cleveland Orchestra Miami 

03/21/15 The Cleveland Orchestra Chamber Players performed Phrygia for string trio, oboe, and horn at the Adrienne Arsht Center in downtown Miami March 27th and 28th. (more

  • Daphnee Sincennes performs Séance at Musique Mixte Seminar

03/20/15 Daphnee Sincennes performed Séance as part of her musique mixte seminar taught by professor Pierre Michaud at the Université de Montréal. 

  • Toulouse Regional Conservatory selects Flicker 

02/28/15 Mary Devismes on behalf of the Toulouse Regional Conservatory has selected Flicker for solo violin to be used as final exam repertoire for advanced students.  

  • World Music Residency at the Banff Centre

03/08/15-03/28/15  I participated in learning traditional Persian, Arabic, Indian, and Turkish music for three weeks at the Banff Centre in Banff Canada. (click here)

  • Florida International University Alumni Composers Concert @ MBUS

03/25/15  Elegy and Flicker for solo violin was performed by the great violinist Mari-Liis Päkk (click here)

  • Resound Duo performs again

03/05/15  Tyson and Jennifer Voigt performed Three Short Songs for soprano and vibraphone as part of the New American Voices concert series at the University of Miami.


  • Reading Session with the Frost Symphony Orchestra.  Steffen Zeichner as Soloist!

12/01/14  The phenomenal Steffen Zeichner played the second movement of my Violin Concerto   No. 1.  Thanks so much to the Frost Symphony Orchestra! 

  • The Other Music Ensemble performs Three Modal Rounds for open ensemble

11/10/14  The fantastic Other Music Ensemble premiered Three Modal Rounds for open ensemble in Gusman Hall on the campus of University of Miami with Shawn Crouch as conductor.  

  • Resound Duo performs Three Short Songs for soprano and vibraphone 

10/27/14  Tyson and Jennifer Voigt will premiered Three Short Songs for soprano and vibraphone for the 2014 Emerging Composers Concert at the University of Miami. (click here)

  • Folie à Duex performs Three Melancholic Improvisations at Fat Cat 

10/20/14  The extraordinary Nick Revel and Nora Krohn performed Three Melancholic Improvisations at Fat Cat in NYC.  (click here

  • 2014 Viola da Gamba Society of America Conclave Reading Session  

07/18/14  Lucy Bardo, the director of Simon's Rock Collegium Musicum, selected Waterscape for viol consort to be read during her class entitled Fresh Ideas - stretch your mind & technique with new music.

  • Atlas Academy Workshop and Reading Session 

06/29/14  I'm very happy to have been selected to attend the Atlas Academy in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  Working with the Atlas Ensemble is dream come true.  (more)  

  • Underwood New Music Readings Career Development Workshop

06/07/14 While in town for NYCEMF, I registered for the American Composers Orchestra Earshot/Underwood career development workshop. (more)  

  • eMotion @ NYCEMF Brown-Bag Workshop Series 

06/07/14 This was a wonderful workshop with Chet Udell dealing with eMersion gesture control.  I'm looking forward to using sensors on a new piece.  

  • 2014 New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival

05/06/14 My Ghosts of Fukushima for erhu and electronics was selected to be played this June 8th at the Abrons Arts Center in Lower Manhattan.

  • Henry Mancini Institute String Quartet

04/28/14 My Suite á la Cajun was performed by the Henry Mancini Institute String Quartet.  It will be recorded on a CD with other local, national, and international composers.

  • Frost Symphony Orchestra plays Violin Concerto No. 1

04/21/14 The first movement of my Violin Concerto No. 1 was played in a reading session held at Gusman Hall at the University of Miami conducted by Andres Jaime with soloist Abby Young.  I was very pleased with the session and the recording.  Thanks to everyone involved, including the composition faculty for organizing the session.     

  • New Music Miami ISCM Festival

03/05/14 Remembrance and Ghosts of Fukushima for erhu and electronics was selected for this year's festival.  I was also interviewed along with the other participating composers. (more)

  • Kathryn Severing - Master's Viola Recital

03/02/13 Threnody for solo viola had its premiere performance in Clark Recital Hall @ University of Miami on 04/13/14 @ 8pm.  

University of Puget Sound SCI Region VIII Conference

02/05/13 Awakening was selected for this year's concert at the University of Miami. 

  • Folie À Deux

02/01/14 My Melancholic Improvisations for two viola was selected to be performed on a Connecticut's Own Concert in Wilton Connecticut.  This has been a great opportunity to work with Nick Revel and Nora Krohn.  Bravo!.   


  • The Other Music Ensemble

11/16/13 Two Poems and a Prayer was selected for this year's concert at the University of Miami. 

  • University of Miami Concerto Competition

11/12/13 My Violin Concerto No. 1 was awarded honorable mention in the University of Miami's Concerto Composition Competition.  

  • Festival Miami Emerging Composers Concert

10/08/13 String Quartet No. 1 was selected for this year's festival. (more)

  • University of Miami Composer's Forum Talk and Presentation

09/20/13 I was invited to talk and present my music at the University of Miami composer's forum.

  • Kendall Sound Art Series

07/13/13 I was invited to perform three electroacoustic works in Kendal Florida (more)

  • 12 Nights Miami

05/18/13 in the Depths for guitar, cello, and electronics co-written and co-performed with Rodrigo Bussad in Midtown Miami  (more)

  • Abigail Young - Masters Recital

04/16/13 Elegy for solo violin and Flicker for solo violin will be performed by the great Abigail Young at the University of Miami  (more)

  • Frost Electronics Music Ensemble

04/14/13  A World Undone for trombone and electronics will have its second performance (more

  • Vanguard Miami Festival of New Music

04/13/13  Surfaces for string quartet was selected to be performed on this year's festival. 

  • New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival

02/15/13 Séance for violin and electronics was selected for this year's festival in New York City.  My New York City debut! (more

  • 2013 Subtropics Experimental Music Festival

02/10/13 Inner Cycles for voice, strings, percussion, winds, and electronics will have its second performance at this year's festival. (more

  • Andrew Friedrichs - Master's Trombone Recital

02/24/13 A World Undone for trombone and electronics premiere performance written for trombonist Andrew Friedrichs @ Clark Recital Hall @ University of Miami (more)  


  • Society of Composers 2013 National Conference / Ohio State University School of Music Contemporary Music Festival

02/15/12  Séance was selected for this year's conference at Ohio State University

  • Echoes of Fantastique - Frost School of Music and the Cleveland Orchestra Miami 

01/31/13 I was selected to participate in a reading session/concert by the Frost School of Music and the Cleveland Orchestra Miami for the premiere of Awakening for orchestra inspired by Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique.

  • Big World Band in collaboration with the Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra Workshop: Silk Road Music 

01/12/13-01/13/13 I was selected to participate in a world music workshop in Vancouver Canada learning and writing for the instruments of the Silk Road. (more)

  • Cleveland Orchestra Reading Session

11/17/12  Awakening was selected to be read by the Cleveland Orchestra.  

  • Society of Composers 2012 Student National Conference 

10/10/12  Séance was selected for this year's conference at Capital University in Bexely Ohio.

  • October Podcast: Nonclassical @ the Bike Shed Exeter

10/09/12  I met Michael Brailey over email and he was very nice to have included the first piece of my Four Pieces for alto sax on his October podcast.  Here's the link.  

  • Festival Miami Emerging Composers Concert

10/07/12  Séance for violin and electronics was selected for this year's festival at the University of Miami. 

  • University of Miami

05/01/12  After a really tough decision between UMKC and UM, I chose UM to pursue my DMA starting in the Fall of 2012.   

  • Vanguard Miami New Music Festival

04/14/12  Ghosts of Fukushima was selected for this year's festival at the University of Miami.

  • New Music Miami Festival Concert V

03/31/12  Incantation was selected for an alumni concert at FIU's new South Beach concert venue.

  • Alex Sellers Solo Recital Georgia Southern University

03/24/12  Trance State is scheduled to be performed by Alex Sellers at Georgia Southern University.

  • University of Alabama Huntsville New Music Festival 2012/Southeastern Composers League

02/09/12  The Ghosts of Fukushima was selected for this year's festival.  (more info)


  • Florida Electro-Acoustic Student Festival

11/18/11 The Ghosts of Fukushima for erhu and electronics andInstallation No. 1  was performed at this year's festival at FIU. (more info)

  • Electroacoustic Barn Dance

10/27/11  I performed The Ghosts of Fukushima for erhu and electronics at this year's festival at UMW. (more info

  • 12 Nights / Exotic Strings and Electronics

08/20/11 I performed three of my solo electroacoustic pieces at theHarold Golen Gallery in Miami. (more info)

  • 2011 Schubertiade of New Music

05/28/11 I performed the premiere performance of The Ghosts of Fukushima for erhu and electronics at this year's informal house concert in Miami.

  • Saxophonist Alex Sellers

05/24/11 I have written a new work for tenor sax and electronics for a premiere by acclaimed saxophonist and new music advocate Alex Sellers.  The performance should be in the spring of 2012. (more)

  • CHANNEL NOISE IV Electronic Music Concert

05/05/11   I performed Incantation at this year's festival/concert at Georgia Southern University.  It was a great performance and the organizers were really nice.

  • Vox Novus Orchestra 60X60

04/19/11   An excerpt of my Chamber Symphony was selected to be apart of the Orchestra 60X60 project.  The 1 hour work of 60 composers should travel the world, and be performed by quite a few orchestras, but it will take considerable time to get things scheduled.  More info to come.

  • University of Central Missouri New Music Festival / Society of Composers 2011 Region VI Conference
04/08/11  What a great chance to visit the state of Missouri, and give a second performance of Dreamscape at this year's festival.  Everyone was really nice, and no technical issues occurred.  

  • All Florida Composers' Concert

03/04/11  Dreamscape was premiered at this year's festival at the University of South Florida with great success!  The new school of music building looks great. 

  • Viola da gamba Society
02/22/11  I have finally joined the Viola da Gamba Society of America.  I am looking forward to working with other members.  

  • Deep Listening @ Composers Forum

02/18/11  I got a chance to hear Pauline Oliveros talk about her music, and take part in a Deep Listening workshop at Florida International University. 

  • University of Alabama Huntsville New Music Festival 2011

02/10/11  Incantation was selected for this year's festival.  25 out of 230 scores were selected.  What a great time meeting fellow composers and performers at the University of Alabama Huntsville, and sharing a stage with the JACK string quartet.  

  • COLLIDE Festival

01/20/11 I participated in the University of Central Florida's percussion workshop which featured Paul Lansky's Threads for percussion ensemble.  I got a change to meet Sam Solomon, and buy his great book on how to write for percussion in addition to attending a lot of great concerts.


  • Society of Composers 2010 National Conference

11/13/10 Out of 377 scores only 100 were selected for performance.  My March for Strings and Dance of the Pandas for beginning string orchestra was selected to be performed by the USC's String Project.  This group is nationally recognized as the model organization for community string engagement.


09/16/10 Incantation was selected to be performed on a headphones concert at a local gallery here in Fort Lauderdale.  This exhibit will blend together the realms of music, works on paper, paper installations and fashion.  The hope with this exhibit is to build intrigue and entice culturally aware, young professionals to attend the opening reception of Rock, Paper Scissors.  This one-of-a-kind showcase will runSeptember 7, 2010 through September 24, 2010, with an opening reception for the general public on September 16, 2010, from 6-8pm.

  • 2010 Schubertiade of New Music

05/08/10 Ritual Music I for solo viola and electronics along withMinimal I for solo piano was performed by myself in an informal concert of new music in Miami FL.

  • SEAMUS 2010

04/08/10 Out of the 369 submissions received, Incantation for tenor viola da gamba and electronics was chosen to be performed at the 2010 SEAMUS National Conference at St. Cloud State University.

  • Society of Composers 2010 Region IV Conference

02/04/10 Incantation for tenor viola da gamba and electronics has been chosen among 240 compositions to be performed at the 2010 SCI Region IV Conference at the University of North Carolina @ Greensboro Feb. 4-6 2010.

  • Silence, Beauty and Horror Festival

12/04/10 Incantation for tenor viola da gamba and electronics has been chosen to be played on the Silence, Beauty and Horror Festivalas part of the Electronic Arts and Music Festival in Miami's design district.  The festival also coincides with Art Basel Miami and will be featured at the Harold Golen Gallery.  (more)  I was also called on to perform a world premiere of a work for clarinet, violin, and electronics called Any Lucky Ten from composer Howard Kenty.


  • FEASt FEST 2009

11/13/09  Dissolution No. 1 for prerecorded sound was performed at the 2009 Florida Electro-Acoustic Student Festival  at  Florida International University.

  • 12 Nights Electronic Music and Art Series

10/24/09 Manifestación for live electronics and interactive video was premiered on this year's festival series.  Hardware store items such as screws, bolts, chains and pipes will star as musical instruments tonight. International troupe of composers and performers will engage you in a neo-futurist spectacle. In a series of sets, live electronics and physical labor will conjure up ambient soundscapes and polyrhythmic beats full of musical colors.

  • FEASt Sampler CD

09/20/09   The FEASt Appetizers CD Release.  A fantastic snapshot of Florida Electro-Acoustic talent.  Each track is about 60 seconds long. Dissolution No.1 and No.2 are featured in this fabulously designed CD distributed by Florida International University.

  • 2009 Schubertiade of New Music

03/03/09 In perhaps the most intimate of performance settings I have ever played in, Flicker, Metallic Rounds, and Incantation were performed by myself at the Schubertiade of New Musicin Miami Florida.  The concert took place May 2nd 2009.  The concert was organized by composer Liza Seigido, and the Seigido family.

  • 2009 SubTropics Experimental Music Festival

02/28/09 Drift has been selected to be played on Feb. 28th at Miami Beach Senior High School for the Subtropics Experimental Music Festival.


  • Society of Composers 2008 Student National Conference

10/10/08 Drift was selected for performance Oct.10-11 at Ball State University for SCI's 2008 Student National Conference. I performed it as well.  It was a great experience to see and hear other composers from around the nation.  In the Nov.-Dec.2008 SCI Newsletter, composer Benjamin Williams did a super great job of reviewing the conference.  On page 6 he has given me a great review.  (Click here to read it.)

  • 2nd Trip to Buenos Aires

07/25/08 I collaborated this past July with composer Jamie Reveles in Buenos Aires Argentina to create Manifestación for 3 percussionists, prerecorded sound, and interactive video.  It is based on the political rallies that were going on there at the time.

  • Michelle Gonzalez's Recital

03/30/08 Michelle and I meet at Florida International University last January and she liked the range of my songs so much that she decided to perform them again on her recital.  She will, like me, graduate this spring.  I really could not have asked for a better soprano!  Daniel Manoiu also helped me tremendously as a pianist who could play anything.

  • CHASM Festival

03/01/08 Drift was performed by myself on viola and Jeffrey Jean-Francois on laptop at this festival at Florida State University.

  • FEAST FEST 2008

02/01/08 This year under the direction of composer Paula Matthusen and Erick DeLuca, FIU put on a fantastic electro-Acoustic festival.  Drift was chosen and performed again.  A compilation CD will be available soon.  Read more here. Many thanks to all that helped put on a great show.


  • US Premiere of Drift

12/04/07  The work that has launched my career as a composer / performer, Drift has come home to the United States to be performed at Florida International University.

  • Laboratorio de Investigación y Producción Musical Residency

07/29/07 In the July of 07, I went to Buenos Aires Argentina to participate in a two week program for music technology.  I learned a great deal of information on many subjects. It's a fantastic country and I fell in love with the city of Buenos Aires.  I composed my first major hit Drift for solo viola and electronics there,and got the opportunity to perform it in a space below the famous teatro colón.

  • New Music Miami ISCM Festival

04/11/07 I helped provide transportation with this year's ISCM festival.  The flutist Alegandro Escuer gave a fantastic masterclass about writing music for your own instrument that has given me more confidence in my performing abilities.  Tania Leon was also very inspiring!  A local school reporter asked me about my experiences in meeting these composers and performers.  CLICK HERE  to read it.

  • 2007 SubTropics Experimental Music Festival

03/02/07 It was a wonderful opportunity to perform on viola at the Subtropics experimental music festival with the FIU new music ensemble.