David Dean Mendoza


Chamber Multimedia

Four Impressions of Torture (2006)

by:  Monica Benitz, Shaun Vendryes, David Mendoza

for multimedia installation contained within four rooms, prerecorded video, prerecorded sound, actors, still images, and set design.

Duration: indeterminate, Performed at Florida International University, Miami, FL USA (2006) (performed live but not recorded) 

Room 1 - A room that represents a stylistic interpretation of a typical America living room. The room contains a TV displaying how the media has reacted to involvement in Iraq. 

Room 2 - A room shows graphic images of torture (by Monica Benitez) with a sound documentary (by David Mendoza) of first hand accounts of people involved in: American prison abuse, Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, and Camp X-ray in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Room 3 - A room that reveals a stylistic performance of a typical interrogation of a detainne by an independent contractor working for the US government.  Our actor is an expert in implementing these interrogations and does not wish to be identified.   

Room 4 - A room that displays a silent video (by Shaun Vendryes) of recently released video of the Abu Ghraib prison interlaced with text.

Manifestación (2008)

A collaborative piece with composer Jaime S. Reveles and Mirjana Petrovic for live electronics and interactive video PD/GEM - (2008), 10' Performance: Oct. 24th 2009 University of Miami CAS Gallery, 12 Nights of Electronic Music and Art.