David Dean Mendoza


Chamber Instrumental

Eerie Places

for recorder quartet or string quartet (2016) 6’

Axis Mundi

for shakuhachi, duduk, clarinet, santur/qanun, zheng, harp, percussion, kamancha, and kemençe (2015) 15’

audio excerpts 

Three Modal Rounds

for open ensemble from two to ten players (2014)  2-7 mins.  Written for the Other Music Ensemble  
No. 1 Snow and Ice, No.2 Fire in the Sunlight, No. 3 Air and Sky 

audio excerpts



for string septet and percussion (2014)

audio with score


for amplified percussion using everyday objects (2011) 

audio with score

Three Melancholic Improvisations

for two violas - I. II. III.  9:30 (2011) 

Version 1

Version 2


String Quartet No. 1

string quartet I. Adagio  II. Andante ma non troppo (2006)  

audio with score